Whilst most 12 years old can be found playing popular video games or hunting for Pokémon, for one pre-teen this is not the case! A 12-year-old from New York is just starting as a freshman at Cornell University – this makes him the youngest student the school has on record. In an interview with the boys’ parents, his mother reported that she had concerns of her sons’ lack of socialising with other children. She also went onto saying that in the playground ‘he was freaked out by other kids running around screaming’. However, the young boy soon became social when he was taken to Math circle and math camp, where he was surrounded by other people who had similar interests. Despite being the youngest in his classes, the academic 12-year-old reports that they are ‘kind of easy so far’ and that he is ‘used to having older friends’. Although it is rare to find such an intelligent and driven 12-year-old, this recent story shows that extraordinary people such as this do actually exist.

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