Dont break the bank in Bayswater

Christmas is fast approaching and we are all saving our pennies like mad just so that we are not that person who runs around on Christmas eve however we have still got to eat and London can be pretty expensive so we have brought you a few ideas on how to enjoy some of London’s cheap eats and still have enough left for a personal treat with one of our beauties!

Just because you don’t want to splash out, you certainly won’t want to limit yourself to a pot noodle every night, especially when there is such a vast variety of delicious and filling offerings on your doorstep in North London. Tantalising tastes and exotic eats are the order of the day so why not grab your coat and head out to enjoy a dinner a deux with one of our gorgeous escorts in North London guaranteed not to break the bank.

If Bayswater is your area of choice then why not try some exotic Cantonese roast meats at the Goldmine. Duck and Char Sui are particular favourite with rich flavours and a main meal with drinks and service costing under £20 per person. Lots of our Bayswater escorts love this little place, not perhaps for the décor but then you are more likely to be paying attention to the company of your gorgeous escort companion than you are the décor.

If you are looking for something less exotic then try Lucky 7 in Westbourne grove. Fabulous choice of American style meals, in kitsch retro American surroundings with the huge servings to match. The all day breakfast is so big two of you could easily share and that’s what it is all about really, sharing and creating an intimacy together before you decide to go back to your place and shut yourselves away from the outside world.

You could also decide not to go out for food completely and simply order in. There are many delivery services that will pick up your order and bring it straight to your door, so you don’t even have to move outside the romantic confines of your home. Our cheap London outcall escorts don’t expect to share dinner with their companions they are perfectly happy to spend an hour having fun together but if you want to ‘make a meal of it’ pardon the pun then there are still ways to do that and ‘have your cake and eat it’ – so many puns!

London on a shoestring does not have to mean that you can’t have fun. Whilst the traditional landmarks and tourist attractions can be quite pricey there is still plenty to do if you dig a little deeper. Lots of local café’s and pubs serve delicious food with cuisine from all over the world to tempt your palate. There is so much choice in west London that you cold virtually eat from every country of the world if you so desired but then that could become quite expensive which is missing the point. If you splash out on one thing it should be the company you enjoy as that will make up for any swish restaurant meal and leave you with memories which will last longer than a T-bone steak!