Cheer yourself up in West London


You may or may not remember that the BBC started a research project called the big personality test which spanned a two year period between 2009 and 2011. Its aim was to create a snapshot of the temperaments around the Capital and yesterday the results were finally revealed. It does seem to show that certain personality types tend to flock to the same areas and the phenomenon has been called ‘geographical clustering’ to give it its trendy sound bite name.

Sadly West London did not come out of it all too well and it seems that research of almost 600,000 people show that residents in West London areas tend to be more miserable and less agreeable than those from other London boroughs. Now at Fantasy London girls escort agency we choose to disagree given the fact that many of our gorgeous West London escorts are always the life and soul of the party with generally sunny dispositions. The clients they see in the West London areas of Ealing, Hounslow, Hillingdon and Harrow also come across as very happy gentlemen, well they are after their encounter anyway!

Its not just West London which has felt the sharp end of this research by Cambridge University with Westminster and Kensington residents all being apparently less sympathetic and considerate than others in the city. Well whilst we might not argue about that we do know for a fact that our West London escorts and our Heathrow Airport escorts are always happy go lucky types of girls who simply adore their encounters with their clients.

Fantasy London Girls is predominantly an outcall escort agency which means that our West London escorts can travel to all areas of the city. Now, there is no need to panic and feel that you should not make a booking with our West London girls incase they are not as friendly as others as we can reassure you that this is certainly not the case. In fact, our cheap London escorts who are available in West London for encounters are also the same beauties who are available in other areas of London so it is difficult to tar them with the same brush, perhaps our escort girls should watch out for clients from West London in case they are disagreeable.

All these surveys and research only show data how the surveyor wants to see it. Information can be read in a different way in which it was meant and when you are trying to assess personality with a single snapshot of information it can be very difficult to get a true result. If you were to ask most people on a Monday morning on their way to Ealing tube station, if they felt happy, the resounding answer would most likely be no! However ask all the gentlemen after their West London escort date if they felt happy and satisfied and it would be an unequivocal YES!

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