24 hour tubes coming soon to London


The announcement that the tube system will run 24 hours a day later this year has been met with approval from almost everyone in business and private circles. In a city that operates a 24 hour policy on business and leisure facilities this can only be a good thing and will mean that people can get around much more easily. For people who do not live in London, it can come as a surprise that this transport system is not already 24 hours given that flights in and out of the country operate in this way and shops , bars and club have a license to operate at all times of the day and night. Indeed our very own Heathrow escorts have had clients bemoaning that they have had to make alternative arrangements when they realise that their connecting travel arrangements simply are not connecting!

Whilst the 24 hour tube system will probably not benefit our beautiful escorts in Heathrow or London for that matter we understand it will increase the economy for the Capital and that can only be a good thing. The only people who are sceptical are the taxi drivers and that is simply because they fear for their own service. Our beautiful escorts in Heathrow will continue to use taxis for their late night trysts simply because it is more befitting a single woman than travelling on the tube in the small hours of the night and also because our ladies do like to arrive in a more relaxed and playful state, ready to enjoy the fun of their dates.

With the extension of the tube service will inevitably come additional amenities for those that use them. Shops will be required to stay open for longer to provide the services that these twilight travellers will demand. At one time it was only our gorgeous London escorts who were out and about when everyone else had settled in for the night but this is no longer the case. Certainly for those enjoying a night out , catching the tube home will be a cheaper and more convenient option.

There are a number of cities in the world that operate a 24 hour transport system, most are restricted in some ways and it is only the major players like New York or Las Vegas that can boast they have truly 24 hour services. It has been a service that is long overdue in London and if the Capital is to truly compare itself with others then this is a necessary addition to the city.

Whilst we don’t expect that all the London attractions should adopt these hours, those who rely on evening clientele should certainly be overjoyed at this boost to their businesses. Our beautiful Heathrow escorts will certainly benefit in the fact that their clients can perhaps stay with them longer rather than rushing off to make alternative travel arrangements.

London is a fantastic city to visit and our stunning London escorts are ideal companions however if you are not local to the area then do call and make a date with our Heathrow escort girls as they may be the first people you meet upon entering our beautiful city. They will show you the hospitality you rightly deserve. Call now!