Clean your social history

How many times have you ever made a social post that you regretted afterwards maybe not the next day but sometimes years later. Our facebook posts or tweets or old dating profiles come back to haunt us when we least expect them and sometimes they can have disastrous effects not just in personal relationships but in the world of work too. A new tool is currently being designed to completely clean your social media history. Clear is the brainchild of a technology officer for Jeb Bush – the political candidate who fell foul of a social faux pas and had to withdraw his political candidacy as a result. Clear uses a range of different algorithms to detect and flag possible posts, tweets, messages, or photos which could cause offence and allow you access to delete them. You could have a clear fresh start in a matter of minutes!

For many people it would be like wiping ones conscience clear and a fresh start and we imagine that once this technology is in use it will be quick to become extremely popular. Now managers and company CEO’s will have a difficult time finding the dirt on any prospective employee and a personal like will once again become personal – as long as someone has audited their social history.

Our stunning London escorts understand what it is and what it means to be discreet. You will never find them requesting to be friends on any social media platform. They will never exchange numbers other than that of our agency and any personal details we have on clients are destroyed immediately after the date has been concluded.

Many people make mistakes in their youth and so it seems unfair that people should be punished for them years afterwards so we see this new technology as being a good thing and something that should once again allow people to live their lives with the freedom they deserve and are entitled to.

Our clients will be more than delighted to know that their encounters with our gorgeous London escorts are and always will remain a private affair. Our ladies are extremely discreet and understand that an ongoing commitment is not what is being enjoyed and indeed not what is being offered. Our escorts are just as open minded as our clients and our ladies love the variety of different gentlemen they meet during the course of their work. Our stunning London escorts are available for sensual trysts or they are available for dinner dates and other social dates. If you simply want to enjoy some sexy female company whilst you are visiting London or enjoy having someone over at your place rather than spending the evening alone then this is all part of the service. Like the Clear technology our escort agency in London allows clients to live their lives without any issue or problems from outside parties. We want you to enjoy yourselves with our stunning London escorts and our team will always ensure absolute discretion at all times.