Convenience is key!

Those of a certain age will be familiar with Ernie who drove the fastest milk cart in the west, obviously if you are not of a certain age then you will have no idea to what we are referring however, no matter, as it has been revealed, somewhat embarrassingly that four milk floats – yes they do still have these in some parts of the UK – were stolen from a dairy in Oxford. Now given that their top speed is 15 mph one can safely assume that the theft took place in the night at a weekend so as to ensure plenty of time for the getaway! Were these people that desperate for milk or were they careful joy riders with a fear of speed. The dairy itself must have been completely empty as surely it would only require a comfortable jog to catch up with the thieves and in the four days since the theft the search area has been widened by another mile!

Milk floats used to be extremely popular with almost everyone having their own milkman and these gentlemen always had a bit of a reputation as being lotharios who visited bored housewives during the day, although how much of that is true we may never know! The act of receiving a delivery that you did not have to go out and get is always a welcome one and it is why our stunning London escorts offer outcalls rather than incalls. How enjoyable for our clients to simply make their booking and, at the agreed time, the doorbell goes to herald the arrival of their chosen companion. A much better arrangements for our clients than having to trudge around the city playing pass the parcel on the tube (read the previous article) before arriving at the home of the escort.

In this day and age we do like things to be convenient and for many it is the reason that they will choose one service over another. Any Entrepreneur will know this and it is this personal service the fulfils all the needs of our clients. Our ladies do tend to arrive in a little more style than a milk float and the vehicles they use are certainly more speedy but the essence of ensuring that the client is accommodated as much as possible is still the same. There used to be the old joke that youngsters would come in with the milk man if they had stayed out particularly late however this is not a saying that is used much more since there are practically no more in existence. Those that are, are obviously at risk of kidnapping due to their rarity.

We have joked about the slowness of the milk floats but in fact there is a world record currently held at 85mph – now that really would have been driven by Ernie! Our ladies are the cream of the crop and certainly stunners that you wouldn’t mind having delivered early in the morning. If you want to enjoy a date with our fresh faced beauties then by all means give us a call and enjoy a date with our gold top beauties!