Enjoy all sorts of games with our escorts

Ikea has hit the headlines this week by announcing that they are banning mass games of hide and seek in their stores. Whilst this announcement will be met with puzzled looks by many, those in the know will nod with wise understanding that it was always going to get out of hand. The problem first started when Ikea itself arranged a mass game of hide and seek with 500 customers in its Belgium store. It is unclear whether this was for charity or whether they just fancied a laugh however as with all things, it has started to get out of hand with face book groups popping up all over the place arranging games in various stores across Europe. Ikea finally put the brakes on the fun when they realised that 32,000 people had signed up to descend on their Eindhoven branch and a further 19,000 registered their interest to play in Amsterdam. Their spokesperson stated that safety was of course an issue and if they couldn’t even find their customers, how could they ensure their safety – sounds like their customers are very, very good at hide and seek. Obviously Ikea provides excellent opportunities for brilliant hiding places and whilst this could have simply been a fantastic marketing exercise it has grown much bigger than they thought.

Fun and games are often things we stop doing as we grow up and certainly they only ever seem to come to light, albeit rarely, in the bedroom. Our beautiful London escorts are very imaginative and do love to play although perhaps not the hide and seek game we all remember from our childhood or indeed not a game that one could play in Ikea or any other store!

Fantasy fun and role play are always popular with our clients who like to relax and let the worries of the present leave them when they make a date with our beautiful escorts. Dressing up (and down) do feature heavily as part of the fun and accessories and even locations can all aid in ensuring that all fantasies and desires are fulfilled.

Some gentlemen come to us a little concerned that we may think them strange to want to act our certain scenarios that they find a turn on but we like to reassure them that fantasy fun and role-play in its many form is much more common than one might imagine. Let’s face it, role-play for pleasure is how TV and cinema was invented, so yeah, most people love it!

Whilst most encounters will take place within the safety of the bedroom or hotel room, our ladies are happy to play the perfect stranger n a bar scene with clients that they have met before however playing hide and seek in a public furniture store might be a step too far for our stunners and, let’s face it, nobody looks attractive hiding in a fridge!

Call now and make a date with our beautiful London escorts who will promise not to play hard to get either!