Love yourself to save the planet!


Green energy is always top of the agenda and finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint is always headline news. The owners at pornhub have come up with an interesting way to solve this crisis with their new wankband, a type of fitband which contains a kinetic charger that is used to power up all your gadgets like iphones! Now, all you have to do is enjoy some private time of self pleasuring and your energy used will be stored in the band ready to plug into any small gadget when needed so by loving yourself you are also loving the planet!

Before you go rushing out to see if you can buy one of these gadgets, it is still in the design phase and so has not been released to the general public just yet however we have wondered how you might go about explaining what the wristband was for? You might be able to get away with explaining it as a fitbit or an energy band since these are widely used however it might be sensible to only wear it when you are alone and actually using the band to save yourself from any possible embarrassment.

Pornhub, who came up with the idea were right in saying that since many millions of hours are spent watching their videos on their website then that equates to millions of hours of energy used powering up the pc’s and gadgets that users watch them on so perhaps it is only right that the actions we then take after watching these videos can be used to harness the energy needed to power them in the first place! Renewable energy at its best – not sure the green party would be using it in their next manifesto though!

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