The miracle sure of sex


A review on the NHS has lead to some revealing and exciting news that sex is the miracle cure for all ailments, apparently. Leading medical professionals at the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges have been examining the benefits of 30 minutes of exercise on the nation’s health and have concluded that having sex five times per week would lower our risk of catching all sorts of diseases and illnesses. Safe sex of course or you might in fact raise the chance of catching something nasty! OK, they did also state that 30 minutes of exercise could also be walking, running or dancing but that’s not quite as exciting is it?

Can we now expect to see this added to our fitbits? Will we see a rise in facebook or instagram posts proudly announcing the fact that we have just enjoyed a marathon session and burnt x number of calories and reduced our risk of contracting heart disease? Perhaps not, however we all know the post coital feeling of well being and our beautiful cheap London escorts are on hand to help keep you in the peak of health.

We rather like the fact that Medical professionals are promoting the benefits of sexy fun, we may see a rash of people contacting us with prescriptions for 30 minutes of domination or perhaps 1 hour of duo fun, how exciting would that be? We have already seen in another survey that certain parts of the country have favourite positions and London apparently like it standing up – well we are a busy lot here!

As Fantasy London Girls also offer encounters outside of the Capital we may see a sudden rush in places in the South East where people go to recuperate after an illness. The fresh air and countryside might be combined with a recommendation to enjoy a tryst with one of our Surrey escorts for the full health benefits such fun would bring. You would need to keep it up for 30 minutes 5 times per week as recommended by the medical profession and our ladies certainly have the stamina and imagination to cope with that , the question is do you?

It might be helpful to note though that there are some warnings which come with this. The ‘woman on top’ or cowgirl position is apparently the most dangerous in that it is responsible for almost half of all penile fractures that are seen in A&E departments. So whilst variety is the spice of life and sexercise will keep you healthy, Cowgirl can land you in a spot of bother. As with all medical advice there are risks associated but if you keep things fun and exciting then there can only be wonderful benefits to be enjoyed. Our Surrey escorts, just like our cheap London escorts are , as always, on hand to help keep our clients in the best of health at all times. Call now to make your date with one of our gorgeous companions, you never know, your future health might depend on it!