Nobel prize for sexiness goes to..


The annual lg Nobel prize Eurotour is coming to the UK, in fact to Uxbridge and if you are planning on going you can look forward to an evening that makes you laugh and think at the same time. Such life changing questions such as how far can you throw a snail before it cannot find its way back? and how much influence does your name have on your choices in life? This evening of research is not the old boring science lectures of old, the unusual imaginative and above all fun evening is designed to spark interest in science, medicine and technology – a bit different to how they used to teach these things a few years ago!

If you have planned to visit then you will probably be staying in a hotel close to the Brunel university in Uxbridge and handily enough, since the evening finished at 9.30 and that is still a little early to retire for the evening you might want to take advantage of the fact that we have scores of beautiful Uxbridge escorts  available for encounters in the area. You might want to impress the lady of your choice with your new knowledge or you might just simply want to close off your mind and allow your body and senses to take over and guide you to the pinnacle of your pleasure. Our Uxbridge escorts are always more than happy to come and visit clients in the local area of West London and whether you are staying in a hotel or indeed if you live in the area you can always ensure that our stunning beauties will arrive discreetly and promptly ready for an evening of saucy fun.

One might associate anything to do with the Nobel prize as being a little too academic however these evenings are designed to interest and inform everyone that the sciences are not quite as stuffy as one would imagine and that various equations and formulas can actually help us improve our everyday niggles – such as getting rid of snails from our gardens! Science has already told us that wearing red can make us appear even more attractive than usual and that symmetry is the key to beauty so perhaps it is not all E=mc2.

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