Not fitbit but fit bits!


Whoever said romance is dead clearly did not have a fitbit. One unlucky woman in USA has found that her device happily announced her 3am ‘workout’ after returning home from a sex toy party. Obviously eager to try out her new purchases, the lady never thought twice about the wrist gadget she was wearing which monitors sleep and activity for healthy living, however not, it seems it monitors so much more – and then tells all your facebook friends about it!

One would think that unfortunate incidents like this were rare however get ready, and get set for a new breed of activity trackers that are actually designed to measure you r performance between the sheets! Yes, when you though there was nothing left to track a company has brought out a gadget that straps to your bits and measures the event. Now you don’t have to just enjoy the encounter you can measure, rate and even share it! Is nothing sacred we hear you cry! Will we be encouraged to out thrust our friends, will there be a big health based challenge, indeed just when you thought that your friends running updates and workout boasts were annoying!

There is a serious side to the story though that these trackers are simply that. Trackers. If you are not careful when wearing them you may end up sharing more than you intended. Our beautiful cheap London escorts are careful to point this out to clients just in case they have the sharing feature enabled. As a precautionary measure, it makes sense to perhaps remove them for the duration of your date if you don’t want all your face book friends to know that you effectively hill climbed for 45 minutes at 4am in a location nowhere near your home! A few eyebrows could be raised there! Although the encouragement the fit bit gives is almost like a round of applause afterwards.

Whilst measuring your performance might seem like a strange idea, tech developers have obviously run out of things to track and we have already seen the murmurings of sex trackers in the design process. Under the guise of promoting a ‘healthy lifestyle’ we see watches and wristbands monitoring every thrust and strain possible with the dubious ability apparently enjoy a ‘share and play function’. According to the makers of a smart watch in Spain due to be released later this year, the wearer will be able to ‘share achievements with friends and challenge them to achieve new goals’! Yes, you can challenge your mates.

In a world where we already seem to over share too much this does seem to be going beyond the limits of decency. At Fantasy London Girls we believe that there should be some areas in our lives where technology does not take over and indeed, we should be able to keep some elements of our private lives, private. Our gorgeous cheap London escorts are extremely discreet and expect their clients to reciprocate. Whilst your measured performance might show that you are indeed a true athlete between the sheets, our ladies would much rather you stayed a gentleman out of them.