Passing the parcel!

Forgive us for being pessimistic but recent news that a London commuter decided to liven up her daily commute by introducing a game of pass the parcel set alarm bells ringing here at fantasy London Girls. Whilst it all seemed wonderfully fun and light hearted that commuters were being shown to be warm and friendly and even making eye-contact if the pictures were anything to go by we cannot help but wonder how much of a smile you would get if a total stranger handed you a parcel on the underground. Most people , given the heightened terror threat would probably hurl the said parcel as far down the carriage or out the door at the nearest station without a second thought, as it was, the parcel in question was actually full of cakes however can one take that chance?

Whilst it is a known fact that commuters like to keep themselves to themselves, most people are genuinely friendly in the right circumstances. Standing on a packed central Line tube train being buffeted along the track at 60 miles per hour whilst pressed hard up against someone who has misplaced their deodorant for the last 6 years is not conducive to making friends, least of all sharing a cream bun!

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So the next time you are on the tube and are handed a brightly coloured wrapped box do you hesitate, smile and pass it through to the next person or do you fling it as far away as possible making a desperate dash for the doors? The third option of course is the one that most London tube travellers would take and that is to simply not make eye contact whatsoever in the first place!