Personal interactions cant be beat!

If you are single then it is most likely that you have joined at least one dating app and there, it seems, is where the problem lies. So many Londoners are members of one dating site or another that it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. The dating app Happn have crunched the numbers from their members and found that there are certain jobs that people seem to find attractive – or maybe they find certain people attractive who just happen to be working in the same fields. Top on the list is the ambiguous Entrepreneur, which we see as a bit dodgy really – didn’t Delboy consider himself as one of those? The top job for a woman is apparently Marketing Manager which we take to translating as ‘bossy’. Now this is just our own opinions of course and we fully respect (and indeed are the last people) to pigeon hole someone but we think that the sexiest job in the city has to be private companion? It seems that this has been missed off the list entirely although given that the list was taken from people who are signed up to dating sites I guess it is not surprising. Our ladies are never short of a date or two and so have no need to sign up for these websites.

The interesting statistics show that different cities of the world have different things that are seen to be desirable. In New York, for example the men seem to prefer models (who wouldn’t) although in the city that never sleeps there are high numbers of ‘models’ who manage to look like waitresses, one can only imagine that in LA the most popular job is actress or actor regardless of what they actually make their wage doing.

The trouble with online interactions is that many of them are simply not real. It is all too easy to create an online persona of the person that you wished you were rather than who you really are. We can all call ourselves Entrepreneurs as the definition of this is to seize an opportunity and build a business from the ground up – isn’t what most self employed business owners do? Not quite as sexy or alluring though is it. Our beautiful London escorts are Entrepreneurs. They have seen a demand for the services they provide and they have arranged their very own business models around the needs of their clients. Online, the reality of life can become extremely skewed.

Our stunning London escorts believe in personal interactions. The initial introduction is admittedly through our website however there are no lengthy online chats or conversations. Our clients like the ladies that they see and our ladies are the ones who visit them at the time and place of the client’s choosing. Everything is out in the open from the start and no-one has any misapprehensions about the encounter. All very back and white and tidy. Now – tell us again, who has the sexiest job in London?