Personal service counts!


There was a time some months back when you could not open your facebook page without seeing smug friends holding a can of coke with their names on. Try as I might, could I find mine? Of course not, and I don’t even have a difficult name however had I been called ‘Aiyana’ I would have been ok – who doesn’t have a friend with this name!

Coke make one of the most powerful marketing campaigns in 2013 which is still working today. They took 150 of the most popular UK names and plastered them all over a coke bottle. Simple. This caused a frantic hunt every time we went into a shop and if you happened to see your name on the bottle, you bought it even if you didn’t want a drink! Now this was a global campaign and was met with the same response the world over, so if you want to sell something – personalise it! Coke are taking it a step further and allowing people to create their own labels on their South African website, profanity is of course not allowed but does mean that those with less popular names can now join in the share a coke phenomenon. It is sad to see as it shows a lack of imagination however other companies are jumping on the bandwagon now too with Cadbury’s dairy milk offering a personalisation service. These are chocolate bars where you can have your own message of a certain number of characters printed on the label and then sent out to you. So whilst not available in stores, they certainly are good for special events. They have been launched just in time for Valentine’s day and of course feature messages such as Marry me..? and things like that.

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