Pilates for pleasure

Everyone knows the benefits of exercise. A healthy heart, good circulation and the ability to stave off multiple afflictions however the power of pilates does all of this plus it can give you a sensational sex life too. It is believed that the work on the deep stomach muscles that include the pelvic floor muscles are the reason for this as they can enhance orgasm and pleasure during intercourse both for the female and also the male too. Anyone who has ever enjoyed a tryst with a woman who practises pilates will tell you that the power of these contractions is much more intense than a woman who does not and the flexibility means that many different positions can be enjoyed without any physical problems.

Whilst we don’t expect every woman to rush out and start up this exercise regime and likewise we wouldn’t expect a gentleman to base his desires only on those who go to pilates regularly however the benefits of many exercise regimes are much more far reaching than just having a great body and the ability to endure prolonged exercise.

All our beautiful London escorts are extremely fit. Some do enjoy pilates as part of their exercise regime whilst others prefer a much more personal type of exercise. Many of their workouts may not take place in the gym but rather in the bedroom which is a great place to start having fun and making working out a pleasurable thing.

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You don’t have to book a hotel room just to enjoy some private time with our stunning London escorts. This is because they are not just London escorts but ladies that are available in all the Home Counties too so they can visit you at home after you have come home from work. You can then relax and enjoy a tryst in the comfort of your own home and if you get a little worn out then you don’t have too far to travel in order to relax.

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