Polling day

This date has been looming for the last 5 years and after weeks of self promotion the political parties will find out which of them our public prefer. Up and down the country politicians have been touring and visiting areas in which they think they can gain power as there tend to be certain areas that votes prefer certain parties. In London alone there are different areas in which people tend to vote. In West London it is the Conservatives and in North London it is the Labour party. Islington is seen as the main area of North London and is of course where the Labour prime Minister Tony Blair used to live. He was a candidate for Sedgefield in County Durham, a stronghold for labour support and despite Islington being a rather elite and high class area in London be brought many locals around to his support. Whether that support remains today is yet to be seen but the facts remain that Islington was a Labour stronghold.

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Given the amount of coverage the election will be receiving in the media it is probably best to stay in and make your own fun anyway. The conversation in pubs is likely to revolve around voting and the merits of one party over another so why not opt out completely and simply concentrate on your own fun and enjoy a date with one of our beautiful escorts in Islington.

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