Sex Robots

It might be the stuff of science fiction ( creepy science fiction too) but apparently it could be coming.. pardon the pun.. to an adult store near you as soon as 2017! Sex dolls with robotic heads that can converse with you. There is a company that has just released a prototype of a sex doll with artificial intelligence that could be yours for just the small sum of £6500! Now whilst there might be an argument for this type of thing we certainly don’t think it could ever beat the real feeling of spending time with a sensual and beautiful human. Our ladies especially offer a service that cannot be emulated by AI dolls, indeed many other escort agencies have difficulty with their human escorts let alone anything robotic!

One good thing is the fact that they could be with you wherever you go, you just unpack your AI doll out of your suitcase and you have a readymade companion. Perhaps conversation might be a little limited after a while and so the chance to spend some time with any of our beautiful real London escorts would be welcomed. They too are very accessible, although you wouldn’t be unpacking them from your suitcase! Just a single call will suffice because our beautiful escorts are available to visit clients in all areas of London and also the South East in general. Our Kingston escorts  are the perfect example of ladies who go that little bit further afield than other escort agencies. Even though Kingston is just a few miles outside the city it is deemed as being too far4 to travel for many London escort agencies and so the chance to spend time with a beautiful woman is limited – if Fantasy London Girls did not visit these areas then your AI Doll would be a good investment however at 6500 a time it is a great deal more expensive than our £100 per hour fee. Just think for the same price you could be having fun for 65 hours or 65 dates and each time with a different beauty from our portfolio!

Our portfolio is filled with sensational stunners from all over the world and they have genuine intelligence not artificial. Our stunning Kingston escorts tend to come from all over Europe and is a great reflection of the diversity of the city itself. You could spend time with stunners from all over the world, blondes, brunettes, redheads or even more than one at once!

The point is that with fantasy London Girls escort agency you are not limited or restricted to anything. You can choose the lady you want to spend time with and you can also choose the location, the time and also the length of time you spend together. You can go out and about and enjoy an evening at a restaurant or a club and let’s face it, if you were to take your AI doll out anywhere you would be drawing attention to yourself! Our stunning Kingston escorts are discreet and confidential and completely reliable without the need for an upload or battery whatsoever!