St Georges Day with your escort

St George is the patron saint of England and whilst today April 23rd is his celebration date it not something that it celebrated in England very much. St George was, in fact, not even English, he was a middle eastern soldier in the 3rd century and when an edict was issued to slay all Christians, instead of keeping quiet he proclaimed his faith and was promptly killed for it. Presumably he was martyred because of his resolve not to deny his faith and the dragon is a representation of Satan. How he came to be the patron saint of England is another mystery but probably has something to do with Christianity and his unswerving commitment to the faith.

Whilst St Georges day is not a national holiday lots of people still mark it themselves by waving flags and wearing red. It is about the only time the English become patriotic outside of a sporting match and people of all denominations come together in mutual celebration.

Our stunning London escorts, like ST George are not all originally from England however they do have a soft spot for the country that has offered them such success. Our stunning London escorts are the cream of the crop and are a delightful group of stunning women to meet, regardless of where you are from.

St Georges day is not a day when you will find many restaurants booked up, and the celebrations do not extend to those of the Irish for their patron saint’s day so if you wanted to book a date with any of our sensational London escorts you will not find it a scrum to book a table at any of the top London restaurants, well no more so than usual anyway.

If you cannot get booked at the venue of your choice then why not opt for room service or indeed a delivery. Many of the top establishments offer an outside catering service and you can enjoy fine wine and a delicious meal in the company of your desired London escort in the comfort of your own home. Whilst you feast on the culinary delights which have been professionally prepared you will have more time to spend focusing on other needs and delights perhaps even forgoing desert for sweet treats of a different nature.

Our stunning London escorts will be more than happy to visit you at home or at your hotel although do not expect them to cook for you as this is not usually their strong point – they have talents in other areas which you will soon find out if you enjoy a private encounter with any of our beautiful ladies. Whilst we understand that everyone has different tastes in their desires we are confident that our galleries provide enough variation to fulfil everyone’s personal desires and needs and not just in the looks of our beautiful escorts but also in the services they offer. You can enjoy a range of different delights in the company of our cheap London escorts and all you have to do is ask at the time of booking and our team will ensure that they find you the most suitable companion for you.