Valentine's at heathrow


Heathrow airport may not be the first place you think of for a Valentine’s day treat but if you do happen to be passing through the airport you can still enjoy lots of different things with a Valentine’s theme. In all the various restaurants and bars there are meals and cocktails to be had as well as a calligraphy writer who will write your card for your in case you have forgotten.

Of course, everywhere you look there will be a sea of red from balloons to banners, cards to cuddly toys and even staying locally at one of the many Heathrow hotels and guest houses wont allow you to escape as many have themed packages with sensual bathing products and room service designed to allow you the optimal amount of private time together before or after your flight.

Even if you are travelling alone, you can still enjoy all of these services if you make a date with our beautiful Heathrow escorts. We can have the lady of your choice with you within the hour as Heathrow is only a stone’s throw away from central London. You can choose from any of our stunning escorts in Heathrow from our ‘today gallery’ and you can rest assured that you will have a red hot time!

Heathrow is located in the London borough of Hillingdon which has been reported as having the most increased population in London. Our agency has seen a definite increase in the number of bookings we have for this area and not just for those who are using the services of the airport. Locals too enjoy spending time with our Heathrow escorts and given that we do not add a premium fee just because the area is close to the airport means that our Heathrow escorts are not beyond the reach of locals. Many agencies bump up the prices of their outcalls when it is in an area close to the airport to take advantage of International travellers and this can out price local people who simply want to enjoy an encounter with a beautiful woman, at Fantasy London girls we retain our usual rates and never take advantage of our clients.

The big day is actually tomorrow but if you are travelling alone, Valentine’s day can seem rather annoying with lots of smooching and canoodling couples everywhere you look. Our Anti-valentine’s approach allows you to enjoy a sensual and erotic encounter which will allow you to enjoy the moment without any ongoing commitment beyond the date – perfect!

The fact that it is Valentine’s day should not make you feel like you need to hide away until it is all over. Make a date with one of our beautiful escorts in Heathrow, dine out together and enjoy your special hotel package with a woman who knows how to make you feel amazing. We can guarantee that it is likely to be the best valentine’s date you will ever have experienced as our ladies are always eager to ensure your pleasure and satisfaction.