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Anglia Ruskin University is a renowned establishment for learning based in Cambridge however it seems that perhaps they are finding a lack of things to study given that they have just completed and released a lengthy study into a ‘Need Hierarchy Theory’. Apparently research into incurable diseases is not quite as compelling as finding out that people need to love and be loved and those that do tend to earn higher salaries than those who don’t. Apparently if you enjoy sexual pleasures with another 3 times a week or more then you become more productive at work and therefore earn a higher wage and get promoted. One wonders how much these studies cost and how many ‘scientists’ they need in order to collate all the evidence. Our agency might have been a great place to start their research as we could have told them that our clients who enjoy encounters more than once a week are much more fulfilled in all aspects of their lives than those who do not. Our stunning ladies are always on standby in the South east to fulfil the needs of their clients so if you are looking for that promotion why not pop in and see our stunners and they might just work out to be the lucky talisman you were looking for!

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