We, not I in Kingston

Most new gadgets and technology on the market today tend to exclude individuals from the more social aspect of life despite being known as social tools. They require people to do things alone only connecting with others on a virtual level rather than the more human physical level. There is the Ipad, the Iwatch the Iphone and Ipod and all sorts of other tech but one thing that we should notice and feel very wary of is the fact that they all start with I and not WE.

At Fantasy London Girls we like to take things back to a more social level and believe that perhaps sometimes a more old fashioned and simple approach brings the most pleasure especially when we are enjoying a few days of warm sunshine before the approaching chill that is forecast. Perhaps a wander along the Thames with one of our beautiful Kingston escorts  is exactly what is needed in order to relax the body, reshape the mind and invigorate the soul. Our beautiful companions are exactly what is needed to bring the blood pressure down a bit and help you to enjoy exactly what is precious and special. The need for human companionship is becoming forgotten in a world of high tech and futuristic gadgets. Everything is aimed towards a more virtual society where people never experience what it is to feel a sensual touch or passionate kiss. Our stunning Kingston escorts are the ideal companions who can help you to touch base with your more human side and you can lock away all those techy gadgets and enjoy a more simple and earthly pleasure that is to be in tune with another sexy human being!

Kingston upon Thames is a beautiful place to visit and to get out of the city atmosphere and simply relax. Just 10 miles away from Charing Cross you don’t need to travel far to get a real taste of relaxation. Where the River Thames meanders along grassy banks you can soak up the 1000’s of years of history as this is the location where Saxon Kings were crowned as marked by the coronation stone located in the grounds of the Guildhall. The river frontage is home to many bars and restaurants which are perfect on a spring sunshine day to sit and watch the world go by or to chat with your gorgeous local Kingston upon Thames escort.

Fantasy London Girls is a London escort agency which covers all the areas within greater London as well as the central London locations. We have stunning blondes and brunettes, redheads and matures beauties who are all available to visit clients in the Kingston area or who are local anyway. We offer an exclusive outcall service so that our clients can choose from our entire gallery of beauties and simply state their location and all our escorts will be able to visit clients to spend the day out and about or ensconced in a hotel room enjoy the pleasure of each other’s company – how is that for a more one to one encounter! Ditch the gadgets and enjoy a real human touch with one of our gorgeous London escorts in Kingston upon Thames.