The green light to wear red!


The colour red has always been associated with sex and attractiveness. Our very own beautiful escort girls know that most of their clients love to see them dressed in racy red lingerie however this well known fact has never been scientifically proven, until now. The City university of New York has found it necessary to study whether red plays a part in how attractive we find members of the opposite sex. For women, it was found, makes no difference whatsoever however in men, the number of women they found attractive when they were wearing red increased by 15%. This is not a magic key for all women though as only those who were originally found to be fairly attractive in the first place were given a boost in their ratings when wearing something red. If the woman was not mildly attractive in the first place then wearing red did not help. So, for those women wanting a bit of boost to what God gave them then red is a great option to do this.

It all stems back to human mating and our primal instincts. When a woman is flushed with sexual excitement she will have reddened cheeks, neck and chest and it is thought that wearing red mimics these natural signs and so makes the woman even more attractive to a male although we believe that given most clothing that is red is sexy anyway, this may go a long way in helping that along.

Our stunning escorts need to assistance in making them appear more attractive as they are already stunning and sensually attractive anyway however many of our clients do like to see them in sexy red lingerie and perhaps this harks back to the primal arousal instinct. Most of the time a woman will wear red when they feel sexually attractive anyway as red is an attention seeking colour and not something you would wear if you want to fade into the background so the association red has with sensual and sexual attraction does work both ways. Rather than being a sign to stop, it is in fact a signal for fun.

As our regular clients are aware our beautiful escort girls are available in all parts of London and the South east. If you want to enjoy a tryst with any of our beauties in any area then just let us know where you are and we can have one of our stunners with you as soon as possible If you are looking for sexy Slough escorts  then we can ensure that they arrive ready for fun and wearing a naughty red number for your pleasure too!

We already know that our stunning Slough escort girls are beautiful to look at but we also know that your fantasies and desires play a big part in your overall enjoyment of your encounter and that is why we encourage all our clients to let us know if there is something they are particularly interested in and we can ensure that our ladies fulfil all your needs. If it is something as simple as arriving in a sexy red outfit then all of our beauties will be more than happy to oblige!