A World First

In the news this week was the fortunate fellow who received the world’s first penis transplant and after just 5 weeks since the op apparently it is working well as God intended. Whilst these are indeed amazing feats of surgery, the calls by the hospital for more donors was slightly alarming! Obviously one would hope that the doctors meant that donors would be from those who had recently passed away rather than someone walking in and simply offering as they hadn’t used it in a while! This brings to concern many questions about how one would go about donating this organ and would there be any restrictions on who could donate to who. It is all very well receiving a donated organ such as a heart or liver from someone of a different nationality or ethnic community but when it comes to bits of us that are on show – how does that work?

Whilst it is accepted that we are all different shapes and sizes, and indeed our beautiful cheap London escorts have probably been blessed with more views than most, there would still be that slight element of surprise if our stunning Bracknell escorts were to be confronted with a gentleman who had benefitted from a donated organ – especially if it was donated from someone outside of his ethnic group! One should rest assured though that all of our beautiful London escorts always behave in a professional manner and would certainly always be discreet – indeed for the donor – whilst it would be a wonderful thing to have everything in working order again, it might cause problems when on the dating game and our beautiful escort sin London could be the ideal choice of companion.

We all have our favourite and not so favourite bits about ourselves that we prefer not to highlight and this can cause problems when starting out in a new relationship or when dating but for something this unusual we imagine that it could make dating extremely difficult and perhaps the only option to achieve some sort of normal sensual and physical pleasure would be to enjoy an encounter with one four non-judgmental escorts in London.

This is of course a very unusual case and not something our ladies come across very often however it does highlight the fact that any part of our body that we do not feel too confident with can cause problems and stresses, especially in the bedroom and that is why it is important to enjoy a date with someone who can be a reassuring presence and with someone who behaves in a professional and discreet fashion. Indeed many of our clients who come to us with confidence issues walk away realising that their concerns are unfounded after being reassured by our beautiful cheap London escorts.

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