£12000 per square metre in Chelsea

Chelsea has always been regarded as one of the most expensive areas in London however now it is fully confirmed with the recent report released by the Halifax stating that the average price per square metre in Kensington and Chelsea retails at an average of £12000 this is nearly six times the national average at £2000 per square metre so all of those buying properties in Kensington and Chelsea could actually buy 6 for the same money in other areas of the UK. The only downside is the fact that you would not have such a prestigious address and all the benefits and bonuses of living in one of the most beautiful boroughs in London.

Indeed our very own Chelsea escorts know that they would prefer to live nowhere else in the UK as Chelsea offers such a varied and exciting location to base one’s life in London. There are excellent local shopping facilities as well as all the Royal parks and you can eat your way around the world with an amazing array of different restaurants to choose from – all within either a short walk or tube ride away.

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Chelsea is the home ground for the famous Chelsea football team too and on home game days our escorts are always extremely busy so we would advise clients to book with as much notice as possible when these events take place.

Whilst our Chelsea escorts like to stay close to their roots we do offer an outcall service which means that our beautiful escorts in London and indeed our Chelsea escorts can visit all locations in the city. You do not need to live or be staying in Chelsea to enjoy the attentions of our beautiful Chelsea escorts.

When you browse the galleries on our agency website you will see that we have a mixed portfolio of different types of beauties. Each is as individual as her looks however one thing that all our beautiful Chelsea escorts have in common is their sense of fun and adventurous natures. Chelsea can be seen as a little stuffy by those who do not know the people in the area however our Chelsea escorts are living proof that you can have some wild and exciting fun as long as you are with the right person. Take a look at our galleries and then let us know which of our stunning London escorts in Chelsea you would like to see. Call us with the details and we can make all the arrangements for you.