Are you Uber rated?

For those outside of the city, constant references to Uber drivers are baffling. What is an Uber and why are they only in the city? For the benefit of those outside of London Uber is a company that is evolving the way the world moves – so they say. With your mobile phone you can request to be picked up from anywhere in any of the hundreds of cities around the world that are supported with Uber. Just click your phone and the company will use your GPS position to match you with a driver closest to you. You can see how far away they are and pay with your mobile phone too. Easy. Uber has revolutionised the way we move around these days much to the chagrin of the Black taxi drivers in London.

Another handy feature of Uber is the fact that you can rate drivers, this is great to be able to help other passengers but what is not so well known is the fact that uber drivers can rate passengers too! So depending on how well you behave after all those shots might determine your chance to get a cab from the middle of nowhere at 4am in winter.

Our stunning London escorts use Uber all the time. They find it handy to get from place to place especially since we offer outcalls. Our visiting service means that our stunning escort sin London are travelling across the city a great deal of the time and whilst we do have our own drivers the opportunity to grab a taxi whenever needed is priceless. Of course all our beautiful London escorts are perfect passengers but do bear in mind your own past behaviours in the back of an Uber cab next time you go to ping them.

When you book a date with any of our stunning and cheap London escorts you don’t have to travel anywhere as we offer an outcall service. You can stay in your home or hotel and our ladies will come to you so no travelling necessary. Obviously if you decide that you want to go out to dinner by booking a dinner date or perhaps you want to have our stunning escort girls enjoy a night out with you then you are likely to need a cab at some point. You can find out your own Uber rating by clicking the link ‘find out my own rating’ in your account settings. After a nail biting wait you will be sent the details of your rating with any remarks made against your name. these reviews are left by drivers and are seen by other drivers too so maybe think again about asking to be dropped off to pick up more booze and chips on the way home at the weekend.

Uber is currently used in most of the main cities of the world and is fast being adopted everywhere else. If you haven’t already got this service in your area it will be rolling out soon so keep your eyes peeled.