Bad Education

Its Fresher’s week again and those who have no idea what this is about it is supposed to be an orientation week for new University students to find their feet in a series of social events that are held across the campus. What it is in fact is the first week of Uni where everyone uses it as an excuse to enjoy wild nights out both on and off campus because let’s face it university students have no worries whatsoever. During the first week in University everyone is put into their social groups that they are likely to be stuck with for the next four years or so. We all base our assumptions on people within minutes of meeting so all the ‘popular’ people will somehow find each other, the geeks will be sitting in the corner, or not even be there at all, and the weirdo’s will be wandering around trying to get into the popular groups. Whilst our cheap London escort agency tends not to have too many clients who are University students we do get parents of students contacting us for discreet dates whilst they are in the city. Usually a gentleman will be visiting the University and need a companion for dinner or simply for an evening of quiet companionship but either way our stunning London escorts are more than suitable for the encounter.

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Sometimes we are contacted by young men who are in their Fresher’s week, they are looking to spend intimate time with one of our beautiful escorts as a treat to themselves or perhaps more for experience than anything else. We have many ladies who would be ideal for those who are enjoying their first encounter with an escort. Our escorts are talented, skilled and extremely patient and their imaginations will ensure that you both have the most enjoyable and sensual encounter together.

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