Christmas spirit goes underground! fantasy fun 07984111838

There are unspoken rules and proper etiquette to be followed when travelling on London’s Underground. Eye contact, conversation and , heaven forbid, touching is frowned upon, forbidden even. Those who accidentally brush past you on their way in or out of the train are scowled at ( not direct eye contact though) and loud tutting seems to be the extent at which seasoned tube travellers express their rage at such obvious flagrant disregard for the rules. Tourists are the only exception in that their loud and open conversations are tolerated as most regular users of London’s Tube service understand that they are new and don’t understand the rules.

Imagine then, the speed at which a video showing normal British tube users dancing and singing at marble Arch station went viral. Shock and disbelief at the unusual behaviour gave way to amusement and forgiveness for people ‘being in the Christmas spirit’ as the impromptu sing-along swelled to around 60-70 people blocking the bottom of the escalators. Of course being Great Britain there was a large space left between the busker who provided the beats and the crowd who had gathered to enjoy his rendition of ‘Get Lucky’ as some manners simply go without saying however this did not impress tube staff who eventually cut the power to the busker’s amp for fear of this flash mob causing problems at the station. Proof indeed that some rules are not just meant to be broken, but in the right circumstances, they can be positively fun!

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