City survey revealed

Time out have just published their city living survey for 2015 where they asked lots of questions to over 15000 city dwellers worldwide and it seems that no matter where we live in the world we all have the same concerns and hopes for our lifestyles. Apparently the worst two things you can do to lose all your friends is sneeze without covering your mouth and leave dirty dishes besides the sink, so get these two important things corrected and you will find that you suddenly become oh so much more popular.

It seems that 62% of people living in cities have difficulty sleeping with work worries being cited as the main reason. All the more reason to chillax with one of our beautiful London escorts then to take your mind off things for a while. Our ladies will all be more than happy to visit clients in the middle of the night to provide that much needed companionship which we know aids a restful sleep – although when you are in the company of our gorgeous London escorts the last thing you will want to do is sleep, we think!

Apparently 9% of employees feigned illness to get a day off work this week however when you pull a sickie most people feel so guilty that they tend to lock themselves away indoors and don’t go out anywhere for fear of being seen. If this is the case you will want to take advantage of our discreet home visits as our ladies can come and see you without drawing any attention to you or themselves. Just make sure that you are really not ill otherwise you will be less than popular with our London escorts.

Most city people think they need a 22% pay rise in order to live comfortably. This applied throughout the range of earnings and so even those who were considered to be high earners still felt there was room for improvement. With our outcall escort service we offer cheap London escort encounters which even the most lowly paid can afford so whilst you are waiting for that 22% pay rise you can still afford to have fun with our stunners.

A whopping 52% of people surveyed admitted that they couldn’t live without email finding it difficult to get through just a single day without it! Another thing that you mind find you become addicted to is our stunning escorts in London. Their warm personalities and open minded natures are quite intoxicating and you might find it difficult to get through each week without at least one encounter at home. Our ladies are happy to visit day and night and can spend anything from a single hour to an entire evening with you. If you cannot bear to say goodbye then you can enjoy an overnight tryst which should also help with the insomnia too. You’re welcome!