Closures in Queensway this weekend

Queensway is located in West London and this weekend it will take centre stage as it is once again time for the Notting Hill carnival. Whilst the floats and parades take place close by, Queensway is already full to the brim with visitors and tourists who all like o stay close to the action. Indeed our very own Queensway escorts are already getting booked up for various times over the weekend so if you are planning to attend and perhaps enjoy an hour or so of sexy company then we do suggest that you call as soon as you can!

From 6am on Sunday 30th the steel bands will start so if you are anywhere close to Ladbroke grove, be prepared for an early wakeup call! Calypso and Soca is the theme for the day which is the most suitable for families as things tend to rev up a notch on Monday when the real party people turn out in their droves!

Carnival weekend always causes some disruption to the road system and the tubes fare no better since they are so full with over 1 million people all cramming into a single area of West London. Queensway roads will be closed so do plan ahead to ensure your route is still open. If you are planning a quiet and intimate encounter with one of our Queensway escorts then we do suggest you book a location away from the carnival as it is likely to be manic in this part of West London. Our Queensway escorts will be more than happy to visit you in any other part of London so you do not need to stay close to this part of West London at all. Queensway tube station will only be open for exits only so you will have to alight the tube elsewhere however this is not so bad given that most tube stations are within a hundred yards of each other, but certainly it is something you will need to bear in mind so that you don’t end up late for your tryst.

Our Queensway escorts are as beautiful as they are fun. All our escorts in West London are very open minded and adventurous and love to enjoy the company of outgoing gentlemen however if it is your first time then of course you may be a little shy but don’t worry as our ladies know exactly how to coax out the confident man in you.

The carnival ensures that the entire West London area has a party atmosphere. Everyone is dancing and enjoying the music and street food on offer. There is usually a heavy police presence but this is only as a deterrent effect rather than necessary to control the crowds so don’t be put off by them, they are usually dancing away to the music just like everyone else!

Make your plans for this bank holiday weekend with as much notice as you can because, even if you are not going to attend the carnival it is likely that your travel may be disrupted because of it so think ahead and simply book a date elsewhere in London this weekend.