Commuters strike back!

Those living in central London are least likely to be affected by the tube strikes that have been happening this week, it is usually those who live outside of the city who are most affected however a business in Guildford has stepped up to offer their premises to workers who are affected, free of charge no less.

Flexible working is on the rise with more and more London companies offering this as an option to their work force. The fact that tube drivers seek to wreak as much havoc as possible to make their point about their pay or pensions may have less of an impact in the coming years as businesses and workers find an alternative way to depend less on this mode of transport. Many people can now work from home and with businesses like those in Guildford offering workspaces closer to home, these tube drivers might find that their strikes start to have much less of an impact indeed, their services many not even be required in years to come, so in fact they are signing their own redundancies.

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