Copulation for conservation!

If you have been alive this week then you will not have escaped from the big fuss all media outlets made of the fact that every single world leader and associated ‘delegates’ travelled to Paris to attend a world summit on the effects of climate change and how we can do more to save energy. Call us cynical but we found it rather ironic that most of the 40,000 guests travelled to the meeting by air thereby using enough energy and releasing enough carbon fuels into the atmosphere to sink a small island.

In the UK, we are a small Island. Thanks for that, Leaders of the World!

We are all for saving energy and we believe that we do our little bit to save the world for future generations by offering an outcall only service where only our London outcall escort girls have to travel around the city and beyond to see their clients. Better to have one person using up fossil fuels than many don’t you think!

You’re welcome!

When you enjoy a visit from one of our beautiful cheap London escorts you won’t be wasting any resources whatsoever. You can keep the thermostat on your heating down as our stunning outcall escorts are scorching hot already and they certainly know how to keep your blood pumping too! The very fact that they are happy to visit you means that you don’t have to waste any energy either you can save it all up for your date meaning that all in all our beauties are in fact one of the leaders in conserving resources so just by enjoying an outcall date you can congratulate yourself on doing your bit to save the planet!

But seriously. Saving the planet has been hijacked by many different groups for their own ends and one such group ‘ copulation for conservation ’ are raising money as well as pulses and other things by making their own ‘ecoporn’ and selling it online to raise money for conservation projects taking the meaning of tree-hugging to a new dimension!

Now, we are not suggesting that you whip off all your clothes and take your partner and a video camera out to your nearest woodlands. For one thing that is probably illegal and for another, you would probably frighten the wildlife but it does suggest that people are thinking of ways we can preserve our planet for future generations and whilst adult fun is a way of creating those future generations for those who simply want to practise, our outcall beauties may indeed offer the perfect planet saving solution!