Dates that are scientifically backed!

We all know someone who is a bit of a grump or someone who may benefit from using their lower facial muscles a bit more than their upper ones, you might have just realised that the description fits you! Either way, the revered Dalai Lama, keeper of conscious happiness, has joined together with Action for Happiness to offer a course designed to make you happier. Yes, now you can have lessons in being less miserable!

The course is structured in such a way that it is designed to increase life satisfaction, mental wellbeing, compassion and social trust. In short, become a nicer person. In order to become this wonderful all caring being you have to pay an affordable donation so honesty is already implied and work through a series of processes designed to make you more social and trusting. Whilst this is a great idea the Dalai Lama seems to have taken particular special interest in the people of the UK and rightly so, as we are a somewhat cantankerous nation at the best of times!

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There are very good reasons to be cheerful, as the 1979 Blockheads song says but there are more than three. Ultimately apparently it has been scientifically proven that being happier will make you live longer. Less stress and misery will ensure that all your inner workings don’t go into overdrive and burn themselves out. In addition to chilling a bit more and perhaps taking some time to relax and re-charge – a great way to do this by the way is to book a sensual massage encounter with one of our beauties, is to attempt to quit a bad habit. Those trying to abstain from their habit of choice generally feel happier and more at ease with themselves than those who don’t. if you have a habit of making bookings with our gorgeous London escorts then it is likely to have the opposite effect if you abstain since your frustrations will all come flooding back and then you are back to point 1,take more time out to relax and avoid blowing a fuse! So really in a roundabout way it has been scientifically proven that enjoying a date with any of our beautiful and cheap London escorts is the way to stay happy and live longer! Perfect!