Do it in the open!


If the summer is to be as hot as the weather forecasters predict then there will come a time when you will be desperate for a cooling dip in the city but since you will be miles from the nearest beach – even the pop-up beaches across London do not feature pools big enough to swim in then what do you do? The answer to your prayers are the open air pools or Lido’s that are dotted around the city. There are not actually very well known but many have been in existence for decades, like the Parliament hill Lido which has been in commission since 1938. It is the only one of its kind which is fitted with a stainless steel liner and this lends a shimmering sparkle to the water creating a magical feel about it – although this is lost when the pool is full of hot sweaty bodies. On Mondays, Thursdays and Friday evenings there are adult only sessions so if you want to enjoy a date with one of our water babes then this is the time to do it.

Parliament hill is obviously in the heart of Westminster however there are a few Lido’s that are outside the square mile. In East London you have the London Fields lido which is unusually heated – especially good in the UK as sunny days can be few and far between and a sweltering day does not mean that the water has had a chance to warm up in many places. Food is restricted here but there are café’s where you can buy refreshments and you can relax after your swim on the grass areas surrounding the pool. It is like a huge square oasis in the heart of east London.

There are other outdoor pools in Hampton, Covent garden, Crouch End, High beach and of course Hyde park. The serpentine is the only pool which is a natural pool and not chlorinated. This is great for the local wildlife although you will find yourself sharing your dip with the ducks and swans. You can relax on the grass after your dip and order refreshments from the local café.

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Of course our stunning escorts in London look amazing in their bikinis so you may decide that you want to enjoy some private time together before the end of the date and if so then choose a Lido close to your location so that you can go back, close the door and curtains and enjoy some private and intimate time together – perhaps you could compare your white bits?