Dogs on a plane!

It has been reported recently that Ryan Air the budget airline is considering the prospect of allowing small dogs on short haul flights! Now this has caused consternation with large numbers of people as these small dogs are apparently to be allowed in the cabin of the plane with their owners. Whilst we are known as a nation of dog lovers it appears that we only love our own dogs, not others and definitely not next to us in the cabin of an aircraft. If this idea were to go ahead we can see a number of problems arising from it. Passengers being bitten by yappy little dogs, dogs fighting, missing dogs, dog poop in the cabin and more! One would imagine that if the airline were to seriously announce that they were to go ahead with this there would be protests all over the place and especially in the airports that Ryanair flew out from.

Two of these are in the South East of England and both locations at which our stunning escorts are also available. Our Stansted airport escorts and our Luton airport escorts  have indicated that they don’t feel this is a good idea for many different reasons despite being dog owners themselves. There would be a number of knock on effects including the fact that airport hotels might have to accommodate these pets too. Many passengers travel to local airport hotels the night before in order to ensure they make their flights the next day. This is especially true if it is an early morning flight and quite often our Stansted airport escorts and our Luton airport escorts are requested to visit clients for an hour or so in these locations as it is a great opportunity to enjoy some private time with a beautiful woman.

So if this idea is accepted, what next? Do they allow cats on board, small mammals, birds and fish too? Do they have to have their own seats and isn’t it bad enough that flights always seem to be full of other people’s children now their family pets too? The train now seems such a better alternative!

Better still, don’t go at all. Simply stay at home and book a date with any of our gorgeous cheap London escorts who promise that they will not bring their pet along and you can have a wonderfully grown up time enjoying yourself. Discreet and confidential, nothing will spoil your enjoyment of your encounter as our stunning escorts in London will capture your attention and mesmerise you for the duration of the date. The only problem being that at some point you will have to return to reality and maybe get on that flight after all!