Everything on a stick!

The search for the newest foodie creation has lead us to various delights such as every type of fried food on a stick, deep fried milkshakes – yes that really is a thing and now Vodka infused lucky charm milkshakes. Obviously for those who like a tipple and probably not best for those with type 2 diabetes this ultra sweet creation is the brainchild of a US food blogger (where else?) Combine Marshmallow vodka with vanilla ice cream, milk and lucky charms or whatever sweeties you want really (perhaps dolly mixtures here in the UK and you have yourself a sugar rush which will keep you bouncing off the ceiling for around 8 hours a sip! If you are planning an overnight encounter with one of our sexy London escorts then perhaps this could be for you although we would hasten to add that our London escorts are certainly sweet enough!
America is certainly the home of creativeness when it comes to food. At the Iowa state fair – where all presidential candidates must be photographed eating food on a stick – every conceivable food type is available, most impaled on a stick because apparently knives and forks have not reached that far yet.
You can choose from the more well known and acceptable corn on a stick, corn dogs we can cope with and even deep fried bacon on a stick – well I guess you have to deep fry it otherwise it would fall off however we do feel that the line has been crossed when we see people eating apple pie off a stick, and southern fried chicken – whatever happened to finger lickin’ good? The biscuit has really been taken with the bacon covered in chocolate and dipped in nuts. That’s just, well, nuts.
Here in the UK we think you will find that our street food is slightly more refined with the usual burgers and hotdogs, fish and chips. Some of the more adventurous have been known to choose a pulled pork burger but they tend to be those with man buns and live in Shoreditch. We smile in the faces of these people but secretly strike them from our future guest lists.
In truth, most of us in London do prefer to be presented with a massive array of polished cutlery and certainly a cloth napkin at least. We like tablecloths and waiter service, although most do tend to come around and ask if everything is ok just when we have taken a bite! If you are looking to impress our beautiful London escorts for a dinner date then you are likely to want to find the most luxurious and award winning restaurant rather than somewhere which serves their food on a stick!
At Fantasy London girls our beautiful London escorts are perfect for such dinner dates and regardless of whether you are in the city centre or somewhere in greater London, our outcall escort service means that our ladies can join you for an evening of fine dining wherever you are. Call now and make that date.