Friday faces on people!


The Friday feeling is well known to everyone however spare a thought for those who perhaps may not share your exhilaration as 5.30 rolls around as there are plenty of people for whom it makes no difference whatsoever. Parents, for instance, especially those with very young children. They probably haven’t even realised that it is Friday anyway as all the days merge together in one big haze until you wake up one day and celebs are talking about your favourite TV shows on a ‘Back in the day’ show. Nurses, they also have no concept of weekends. Their nights off are usually spent sleeping ready for the next round of punishing shifts. There are plenty more people who also sneer at those punching the air and whooping when they leave work for two whole days but then there are those who have the Friday feeling from around Wednesday onwards! They are the guys who have probably enjoyed a mid week encounter with one of our beautiful London escorts. They have a tendency to cause prolonged delight, even after the date itself! These are the guys, who when questioned about their obvious, annoying happiness just simply shrug and say ‘I’m just happy’. Happy doesn’t just happen you know, not in London.

So, how to capture that Friday feeling for yourself? First of all, don’t wait until Friday. You will want to make your booking with our beautiful escorts in London with as much advance notice as possible. If you wait until Friday then you might find that you miss out because everyone else has got there before you. The Friday feeling is the realisation that you can continue with whatever makes you happy because you don’t have to ‘get up for work in the morning’. If you work in retail then you are either a rebel or a glutton for punishment but either way it is that feeling of freedom, release and the possibility of allowing yourself to do something you wouldn’t during the week.

Making a date with any of our London escorts is the exact definition of a Friday feeling. You will be doing something you wouldn’t normally do and probably staying up past your bedtime to do it! The beauty of enjoying date with our stunning London escorts is the fact that they are available every night of the week from 6pm through to 6am so you get the opportunity of enjoying that ‘Friday feeling’ any night of the week!