Gaming the system

Online retailer Amazon has announced that it is taking a hard stance against those who leave fake reviews for products and is about to start legal action against them. Of course it is not a case of tracking everyone down who has ever purchased something and double checking that they, in fact, actually left the review but it is focusing on a growing new business scheme whereby people pay to have fake reviews left. As business schemes go it looked like it was on to a winner. A company would order 100, 200 or even more 5 star reviews and of course the sales of their products would increase by 500 or 600% however this is of course fraudulent and misleading to customers and Amazon have decided to take action.

On the back of this news was a story this week that Trip Advisor had seen the same thing happen. Fake reviews were being left by people who had not experienced a place and the review had simply been purchased by the company itself. Of course if you have a system whereby, within your directory the order is determined by the volume of good reviews then of course you are going to get people gaming the system but how does this affect the escort agencies?

Most London escort agencies do not order their ladies by the number of reviews however there are ‘independent’ review sites out there that could Influence whether a client books a certain escort or indeed uses a certain escort agency. It has always been slightly strange that certain escort agencies have always appeared higher than others and again, if you are going to rank people in a certain order then there are always going to be those who want to rank highest.

At fantasy London Girls we do ask that clients leave a review if they have spent time with any of our beautiful escort girls but we do understand that given the nature of the services we offer most gents are simply not going to do that. Those seeking services from an agency they have never used before are right to be wary but they should also bear in mind that they should also not be influenced by agencies which seem to have a high volume of wonderful reviews when most agencies don’t have that many. It might be the case that their escorts are just simply miles better than others or it might be the case that the agency have lots of fake reviews.

The only tried and tested way of finding out if you like the service that the London escort or the agency provide is to try it. At Fantasy London Girls it is not so much of a gamble since the fees are very low. This is a cheap London escort agency so if you didn’t have the fun you were looking for you haven’t really been put out of pocket. The very expensive agencies are the ones where you are taking the biggest gamble and perhaps that is why they spend so much time increasing their review sections! Fantasy London Girls never try to ‘game’ the system however the only way you will know for sure is to give us a call and make your booking!