Gastro pubs in London

Before the arrival of the internet , there was the pub. London is in fact full of them however over the last couple of decades ago the humble pub has had to have a bit of a re-think about attracting in customers. Gone are the gents who fancy a pint or two after work and those in the financial industry who think it is ok to down a few at lunchtime then go back to balancing the accounts – perhaps that’s how the crash happened ? – anyway all these naughty practices have been banned and it has left the average publican looking for new and interesting ways to hang onto and attract new custom. Enter the themed pub. This was a wondrous invention in the 1980’s with American themed bars, sports bars, Irish bars and all sorts going on. Cocktail bars were quite big with the yuppies but all these were soon tired of and now the average publican tends to think of his best staff as being the chefs and kitchen staff. No longer just a place to sit and enjoy a craft beer now you have to eat – and wow those menus are getting a bit adventurous.

Like the themed pubs of the 80’s the gastro pub of the 21st century now seeks to wow customers with its sense of adventure within its menu. It is simply not enough to simply order a chip butty or a toasted sandwich Oh no, it has to be Jicama duck tacos, flank steak in tequila lime marinade and of course Panini’s rather than plain old rolls or sandwiches. Of course should you want to go and try out these unusual flavour combinations then our beautiful cheap London escorts will be more than delighted to accompany you and you can both them stare in awe at the miniscule portions you are given but which seem to cost a small mortgage.

Some gastro pubs don’t even like it if you want to make your own choices with many now favouring the set menu. You can choose 3, 4 or 6 set courses and each round it brought out one after the other with military precision. Despite the fact that there are so many courses you will most likely find yourself still hungry at the end of the ‘meal’ so do look for gastro pubs that perhaps have a MacDonald’s nearby!

Covent garden is always a favourite for many visiting London as there are plenty of bars and restaurants close by which are open quite late for all those who look for a late supper after a night at the theatre. All palates and budgets are catered for here and it is here that you can choose to experience the teeny, weeny meals (or is it art?) served up on anything other than a plate or go for it with a tradition steak house type meal which will leave you bursting at the seams.

If you are more of traditionalist then this is probably what you will choose however if it is your first time in this part of London then our reception team will be more than happy to advise and recommend the best places to go with your chosen cheap London escort according to your needs.