Giving you want you want!

For any wine aficionado’s the go-to place to re-stock one’s cellar has always been Majestic. The original 12 bottle rule was sometimes a bit of a problem so when the announcement came that they were reducing the minimum purchase to six bottles, many raised a glass in celebration. Now the news comes that they have removed the minimum number of bottles they will sell completely so now if you suddenly decide that you fancy a cheeky red to go with your dinner, you can now pop in and pick one up rather than having to wait until you have a good excuse, like Christmas.

Business that are driven by their customers’ needs are the ones which will survive. The new CEO has made a smart move by reducing the minimum level as this will open up a whole new opportunity for those who want to try new tastes and vintages but were put off by the six bottle commitment. The same goes with anything, if you listen to the needs of the client then you will always stay ahead of the game.

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Just like any excellent bottle of wine, it gets better with age an maturity and so our service has evolved to fit the needs of our valued clients. Where our gentlemen clients express a preference for certain types of cheap London escorts then we will ensure that we always have a strong portfolio full of these types. Where our clients state that they want to enjoy a certain type of date then we ensure that our stunning cheap escorts in London are happy to provide those services. An establishment which does not listen is one which will fail and this is why we are keen to receive feedback from our clients as it could be a chance to spot a pattern of preferences or even a pattern of problems. Either way of we are receiving feedback from our clients then we can expand and grow our service into exactly what all our existing and new clients are seeking.

At fantasy London Girls escort agency we are eager to hear our client’s views regarding the ladies that they spend their time with but also if there is any service they would like to see introduced. So, it is not a case of if you build it they will come but more likely, if you listen they will continue to come!