Historical horrors in London!

It is well known that London is full of History. Our American cousins absolutely lap it up and love to visit and find out about their long lost relatives in England and Ireland however where there is centuries of history there is bound to be a bit of gore thrown in there too. In London now there are some rather different attractions popping up that are proving popular with those who have all been and done the London eye and are all a little bit bored off with the tower of London. They are looking for something different and unusual and given the eclectic state of our city – London has certainly provided!

The plague is a well known historical event which killed around 100,000 Londoners back in the 1600’s and given that the city was crammed with bodies it was difficult to find somewhere to put them all. St Olaves churchyard was one such place which catered to those looking for somewhere to intern their dead and now you can visit it and stand in shocked awe at the 365 people buried here during those awful 7 months of plague.

Newgate prison was the Leicester square of its day with thousands gathering on execution days. The famous bell which would ring on the morning of the condemned’s execution is now housed in St. Sepulchre-without-Newgate church and you can go and see it on weekdays.

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