How smooth are you? As smooth as 007?

The new Bond film has just been released to an adoring fan base in the UK with worldwide release expected next week. Spectre is the twenty fourth offering about smooth, suave and sophisticated British agent James Bond who, despite his womanising ways is much loved by both men and women alike. His raw masculinity and devil may care attitude is precisely why this hero is the man that guys want to be, and the man that women want to be with.

Bond manages to walk the fine line between ‘misogynist’ and Alpha male and despite the fact that he is only a fictitious character there are some elements of him that many men could emulate to achieve more success with the ladies, our ladies, in fact.

Every woman loves a gentleman and ultimately , for all his faults, Bond is a true gentleman. Respectful, complimentary, charming and charismatic with a hint of defiance which of course adds a hint of danger, all very exciting! Regardless of whether your date is a casual encounter or mutually beneficial arrangement, all women love to be swept off their feet and here is where any man can score full marks just by noticing the time and trouble the lady has taken to look good for the tryst. Flattery certainly can get you anywhere although too much flattery can become sycophantic and a real turn off.

Dating one of our gorgeous cheap London escorts at Fantasy London Girls will of course be a dream come true for many men and they may feel perhaps that they may not have to make too much of an effort but regardless of whether your date is a professional girl friend or not, charm and charisma will go a long way towards impressing your date enough so that she feels a deeper connection with you and more likely to be comfortable in your company. Regardless of the type of date you are booking and who the date is, in order to get the very best out of each encounter you need to put the effort in.

Our stunning cheap London escorts will always go that extra mile to ensure that they please their companions and if they feel their effort is not going to waste or that it is returned then of course the sky is the limit and a truly memorable date is enjoyed by both the client and the London escort too.

Fantasy London Girls has many different young ladies available to date in all areas of London and the South East. We offer an exclusive outcall only service that will see your favourite young lady arrive at your location of choice ready to have fun. If you can bring out more of your ‘Bond’ side then prepare to have your wildest desires fulfilled. Every woman loves to feel seduced and desired but above all else, she loves to be treated as if she is the most special and extraordinary woman in the world. Once you have that sorted, you will have women swooning at your feet – just like Mr Bond.