Its national Dessert Day in Chocolate week!

As if national chocolate week wasn’t good enough, today is apparently national dessert day too! If there was ever a day to ignore the diet and healthy eating plan this is the day. Whilst there are no official records of how this came about and to what end this special day is raising awareness it seems like a great excuse because, let’s face it, there has to be a cheat day allowed somewhere in the year!

As you might expect, our stunning cheap London escorts are not normally big on desserts. When they enjoy a dinner date with a client, dessert is usually skipped in order to enjoy a nightcap back at the hotel or home of the client anyway or indeed sometimes, those who enjoy dating will agree, the beautiful woman is the dessert! Their sensational figures do not stay that way by enjoying delicious desserts and tasty treats every time they enjoy a dinner date so some self restraint has to be adhered to and plenty of cardio fun too!

Delightful desserts take all forms and whether it is a cheeky cheesecake at the end of a sumptuous meal or a more healthy yoghurt to provide a guilt free sweet treat in the daytime you can actually go for the whole hog today and combine velvety chocolate in your dessert plans just to cover both areas.

In terms of using designated days to raise awareness about something there has been an alarming trend on social media platforms where people seem to completely ignore the original cause in order to twist it into something personal. Aside from the fact that it simply shows how narcissistic we have become as a nation isn’t that what marketing is in general anyway? Advertisers have been doing that for years in their advertising messages, sponsoring charities and causes that could be related in some way to what they want to sell it is simply the case that everyone has become their own personal marketer now that it is more noticeable. Let’s face it, if you can get your message across in a trending hashtag to a large group of people worldwide then of course marketers are going to jump on the bandwagon (wheel) – See what we did there?

If you want to enjoy your just desserts (sorry) without any calories then perhaps a chocolate scrub might be the answer. A sensual massage can have plenty of health benefits as well as releasing the feel good hormone serotonin for a guilt free and pretty exciting way to say you included chocolate in your week. Not sure if you enjoy your chocolate massage in the evening after dinner would it count as dessert? For ingenious ways to enjoy a sexy and fun date with one of our beautiful cheap London escorts without breaking the bank call our team who will be happy to help.