London urban beach

If you have not planned to go away this summer and the thought of spending hours in a hot traffic jam just to get to the coast for the day leave you feeling cold then you will be delighted to know that the beach has come to London. The urban beach is something that has caught on in the city. Us lazy Londoners rather like the idea that we can feel the sand between our toes without having to venture out of the city whatsoever.

The latest urban beach has opened in north London in Brent cross and as well as 250 tonnes of sand you can enjoy a paddling pool, fairground rides, a helter skelter and all the traditional seaside treats you can think of. Fish and chips wrapped in newspaper, ice-cream stilt walkers and so much more and all without any pesky seagulls to steal the top of your ice-cream.

Given that this beach utopia is based in North London, if you find yourself with a few hours to spare and the sun has just broken through the clouds then why not make a date with our Highgate escorts  to join you. You can enjoy a stroll in the sand and a splash in the paddling pools although do bear in mind the beach will be most likely filled with children so perhaps just an hour will do.

With any of our social dates our beautiful Highgate escorts in north London always like to enjoy an hour of private time together. You could perhaps compare white bits? Or just go back to your home or hotel room and wash all that sand out of everywhere because believe us, even if you only end up strolling along the man made beach you WILL have sand in everything!

All the fun of the beach but without any of the hassle has to sound like the perfect afternoon. More of a non-committal beach day where you can still be back to your home before the sun goes down. Given the erratic weather we have been having this summer it is also handy to make last minute plans and our stunning North London escorts are just as flexible so you can make a last minute dash to the beach depending on whether we get a break in the weather.

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