manners maketh the man

One thing we have heard recently was from a genuinely nervous prospective client who was concerned that the escort of his choice was out of his league. Now this took us by surprise somewhat since we always considered that the beauty and sensual attraction of all our stunning escorts was the main reason that clients did want to book but to hear that it could be a reason that they did not feel comfortable was something of a shock.

It soon became apparent after gentle coaxing that the gentleman felt he did not meet the expectations of the client in terms of his own looks and physical shape to which we felt it necessary to point out that a date with one of our sensational London escorts was not just a case of matching beautiful people together it was to provide pleasure and enjoyment for clients and companions alike in a mutually beneficial arrangement. The physical looks of the clients do not matter, what does matter is a sense of gentlemanly respect, consideration and desire to have fun. If you are too concerned with looking good and presenting yourself in a perfect light then you are unlikely to throw yourself into the fun and enjoy yourself with wild abandonment which is precisely what our ladies are looking for as a sign of a great time together.

So, the question really is what do women look for to truly enjoy their mutually beneficial arrangement with a client? We have already covered the importance of manners and of course basic good grooming and hygiene are also important factors to consider but really it is all about respect and treating your companion as your professional girl friend rather than as a commodity for the duration of your tryst. It might only be a brief encounter but common sense should tell us that to get the best out of someone we have to treat them as we would hope to be treated ourselves.

Unfortunately sometimes this message does not always translate and we have had our London escort girls leave a date for this reason. It is very rare, but it has happened both at our London escort agency and also at other agencies too, so if there were any advice we would give to prospective clients about the expectations of them during their date it would be to respect their companions. Never forget that even though you have paid for their time, these London escorts are still there of their own free will. Remember to treat your date as you would any other loved one or cherished girlfriend. Just because your tryst is a professional arrangement does not mean that your companion does not have feelings as any other woman would. You have chosen the London escort of your choice because you felt attracted to her initially so why not nurture that desire and see it reciprocated. Just these few simple rules will ensure that your time with your beautiful London escort is more fulfilling and enjoyable than you had ever thought possible and all because of a few good manners.