Mix it up at Christmas -

The festive season is always one where we tend to overdo it in all senses. From too much rich food, too much spending as if we were rich and of course over indulging in the alcohol department. If you have indulged a little too much then we have the perfect solution – cocktails for breakfast lunch and dinner to you never have to experience the awful feeling of a hangover – at least until you dry out in January!

There are plenty of cocktail bars in London which offer some fantastic variations on the norm but if you want to experiment a bit then we would advise that you do so at home as it also saves on the cab fare home and you can fall drunkenly into your bed without fiddling for your door key! You can of course enjoy a few drinks in the right company, that company being one of our gorgeous London escorts although we wouldn’t advise you to overindulge whilst you are with them as it would be such a waste of a wonderful date don’t you think?

So if you need a kick to get you going in the morning, and who doesn’t on these dark and dreary winter mornings, then try the spicy Americano. This explosive cocktail features Jägermeister Spice, prosecco and campari and is guaranteed to blow you out of bed, should you need to of course! Instead of your morning java it makes a very good replacement, just don’t drive into work of course, in fact don’t do anything after one of those!

If you are out on a lunch date and looking for something exciting to try then why not take some inspiration from the concoctions that were created in London cocktail week back in October where some really weird and wonderful ideas were on show for all to see and taste. A visit to the Cocktail trading company or the Portobello star will soon have you entranced by their weird pairings. These places are great to enjoy a date with any of our beautiful London escorts. There is certainly plenty to talk about and with a couple of ice breaker drinks you can then go back to your place and make some experimental fun of your own. Again, not the best time to drive though, or operate heavy machinery, naughty toys are probably ok but of course that is just up to you!

Take a look at our sexy gallery of gorgeous escorts in London and see which of our beauties you would like to enjoy a date with in the city. Again given that our ladies offer outcalls to all areas of the South East our girls are not out of bounds just because you are not in the city. Give us a call with the details of your favourite escort and your location and we can make the arrangements for you faster than you can stir your drink!