NYE Plans? Better make them soon!

It is the biggest event of the year and people are already arranging theirs so shouldn’t you get a move on and decide what you are going to do and who you are going to do it with before all the options start dropping off?

New years Eve is by far the event that everyone wants to be a part of and if you haven’t already thought about what you intend to do to celebrate then you should as events and venues have already put their special tickets on sale and they are going fast! No matter what you decide it is unlikely that you will want to do it alone and so our stunning cheap London escorts are the perfect choice. The only problem is, there are not enough to go around and with millions of single people in the capital who are all potentially looking for a date on the same night, we only have a couple of dozen escorts who are available so really clients had better make their dates now!

We realise that there are still six weeks to go until the New Year and we are not even in December yet however the pressure is on to decide what you want to do as most places are limiting the number of people they will allow at their events so tickets are going fast. Not just events who are seeing their venues book up fast but also agencies like Fantasy London Girls. All London escort agencies only have a limited number of beautiful young ladies and out of those not all of them make themselves available for New Years Eve. Our escorts have family and friends too so many of them like to celebrate the new year in that way. This simply leads to a greater demand for those remaining escorts who have (thankfully) agreed to be available for the evening. Unfortunately due to a very high demand there are never enough at the best of times and this year is unlikely to be any different so we are simply advising clients that if they want to avoid any last minute disappointment then they need to book with as much advance notice as possible.

Even if you don’t want to go out in public and join the throng of people celebrating a more intimate and exciting time can be shared with just you and your chosen London escort. Our outcall service means that our escorts will visit you at home or at your hotel room and you can lock yourselves away from the rest of the world and see the new year in on your own terms and in your own way. That would be a very special moment, especially when the fireworks start all over the city. If you do plan on staying in then it could be a great idea to book a hotel room that has a great view of the Thames so that you can see the fantastic light display that the city puts on every year. You could stand on your balcony with your glass of champagne in your hand and listen to Big Ben strike midnight. Then you could go and make your own fireworks! Just an idea but one you will want to act upon sooner rather than later