Off the boil with global warming

It’s not often that we dive into the major news stories of the world. At Fantasy London Girls escort agency we tend to leave politics, current affairs and religion well alone however a recent story caught our attention in the fact that, apparently, Global warming is a major contributor to sex drive and the fact that the world is heating up is making our sex lives go off the boil!

The report comes from the National Bureau of economic research which has studied couples in the US over a 10 year period and the findings show that after a hot spell of weather birth rates go down and only go back up again after a cold spell. Now it doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that we all know the best way of keeping warm does it? Also the fact that birth rates are used as a measurement of how much sex people are having is not a particularly good one. Not entirely sure where this piece of research is going with its findings, certainly there is a need for many countries to increase their birth-rates especially since we are all living longer and someone needs to pay the impending huge social security bill for it at some point in the future!

At Fantasy London Girls escort agency we cannot find any correlation between the weather and the number of enquiries we receive. Since most people have central heating it is more the case that the dark winter evenings are more of a factor than the temperature as more people spend time indoors for longer than being out and about in the open air.

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