Pearly Kings and Queens in London

London is a city of traditions and with over 2000 years of History it is not difficult to come across a few during your stay. Many traditions are local to the area in which they developed although one tradition which is perhaps not so well publicised as it once was is the Pearly Kings and Queens. Now in the UK we have a real Queen but we also have many pearly families who have passed down their titles from father to son, mother to daughter.

The tradition started in 1875 by a young boy called Henry Croft. He was an orphan and at 13 was expected to leave the orphanage and make his own way in the world. He was a hard worker and wanted to help those who were more unfortunate than himself so he decided to try and raise money for charities in London. He collected the mother of pearl buttons he found in the markets that had fallen off people’s clothes and sewed them to his trousers and jacket. This drew attention to him and he was able to raise £5000 towards good causes – this is the equivalent of over £200,000 in today’s money! A statue was created to commemorate his work and is located in The Crypt at St Martin’s in the Field. The Pearly King and Queen tradition still continues to this day with kings and Queens of each London borough raising money for charities and good causes. Pearly Kings and Queens are often invited along to festivals and events in the city so if you are out and about and see someone covered in buttons sewn onto their clothes then perhaps drop a few pence into their buckets and keep the tradition alive.

The original pearly King, Henry croft was brought up in a North London orphanage in NW1 which is a vibrant and affluent area in North London today. Here you will find expensive properties and wide tree lined streets a little different to the NW1 that Henry knew in his day. Our very own North London escorts are available in this area although you won’t find them adorned with mother of pearl buttons!

Our North London escorts are high class and elegant. Our refined beauties are perfect for all types of encounters in the area. If there is an event that you would like to attend and need some company then our ladies are the ideal choice. North London tends to be thought of as a vibrant and upscale area of London but in Henry’s day it was a little different. Gentrification in the last few decades have turned what was once a very working class area into a quiet yet elegant location, ideal for London’s successful people. Our very own North London escorts could be considered amongst those so if you are a local or just visiting, then perhaps a date with our very own shimmering queens of north London will make your stay just that little bit more exciting.