Personalised Nutella anyone?

This week you could be the proud owner of your very own jar of nutella. We kid you not. This might not be very newsworthy especially since anyone can buy one from their nearest Tesco’s but this is not just any jar of the smooth hazelnut chocolate spread, oooo noooooo, this is one with your own name on so woe betide anyone else caught dipping the back of a spoon in mine.

Obviously those clever marketing gurus at nutella saw the commotion when Coke came up with the idea of personalise bottle of the sweet stuff and they were so impressed that they thought, well they would copy it! You can’t just buy these jars from anywhere though, they have to be bought from Selfridges so if you fancy a trip down to Oxford street just to buy a jar of Nutella which has your name on it go for it but do beware that these jars are double the p rice of a normal one. Great Christmas gift for anyone who has a thing for the chocolately spread but we have come up with a better way of enjoying it. Rather than sitting on the sofa in front of Netflix all night spooning your way through the entire jar, why not take it with you on your date with your gorgeous central London escort. We have lots of naughty girls who love the smooth, silky paste and we don’t mean to eat! You could slather it all over and see which bits get licked of first or if that is too racy for you then we are sure our companions have plenty of ideas – especially if their name is on the jar – kismet!

It is not a new thing for food spreads to be used in naughty ways, Marmite brought out an adult body gel a year or so back and it sold out completely within days! They simply could not keep up with demand but just like the marmite we do want to take a few minutes to warn those who are thinking of using it – do make sure your partner does not have a nut allergy before you go slathering yourself all over with hazelnut spread – could lead to some awkward questions on the ambulance ride to hospital.

If you like to keep things fresh and fun the you will certainly be onto a winner when you make a date with our outcall escorts in London. All our stunners are very open minded and love to enjoy role play and fantasy fun so whether you have a bag full of kitchen condiments that you want to use in imaginative ways or whether you want to dress as a chef and dine off your partner our girls are the most accommodating beauties you are likely to meet in the city. Our list of London escorts who are available today can all be seen in our today gallery. If there is anything you need to know then just call and we will do our best to help