Pillow talk

Pillow talk is something our beautiful escorts in London thoroughly enjoy and whilst many escort agencies encourage their ladies to speed out of the door the minute the clock strikes the hour, our genuine London escort girls love to hear the work stories, private thoughts and personal dreams and musings of their valued clients. It is usually with great regret amidst promises to meet again that our stunners have to leave their trysts in London and the South East but is it the fact that the couple are getting on so well or is it simply the fact that a voice can be a real turn on.A study revealed today that perhaps it is more than post coital pleasure that enhances the need to listen to a soothing, intimate voice but the accent instead.

Apparently the Glaswegian accent is deemed to be the sexiest! Yes, we know! We also received this news with a frown and disbelief (perhaps we are prime candidates to go on those happiness courses) but the next best accent in the UK in terms of sexiness was revealed as the Liverpool accent. Now this is new to us. All our lives we have been told that the sexy clipped tones of the Southern UK accent is appealing with the exotic purr of an Eastern European voice a very close second however this was until we found out that the survey was taken by US residents. Now given that we couldn’t tell the difference between a Canadian and a Texan accent we will forgive them, just this once and completely disregard these findings.

Usually our ladies find that an accent doesn’t do anything to put them off a client but it can work in the opposite way and create a sensation of sensual excitement if the accent is a desirable one. Richer, deeper tones are always an attractive feature in a gentleman and measured softly spoken voices tend to attract a more intense attention to the words being spoken. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what is said or even how it is said just the very fact of speaking very close to your companions ear can cause a shudder of anticipated delight to run through them. Ears are actually erogenous zones and the hot breath of your companion on such a sensitive part of your body can send you into raptures of delight without any other stimulation whatsoever. Delicate kisses on the nape of the neck that lead in a gentle path to the area behind the ear are certainly other ways to a woman’s heart. So in point of fact if the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach then certainly the way to a woman’s heart is through her ears!

So remember boys, speak softly, gently and close to your companions ear but do remember to refrain from any strong foods or drinks before doing so as that can often completely shatter the romantic moment.